5 Tips To Lose A Lot Of Weight In A Month

#1 – Bring down your stress levels – For good weight gain and your overall health as well, stress levels plays a larger role in your daily life. Too much stress because of family, work, relationships and etc. Automatically a chamical in your body known as Cartisol is released.In order to reduce stress, I highly recommend you to do following things such as stretching, heavy bag boxing and breathing exercise.

#2 – Eat More Green Leafy Veggies -Eat all types of Veggies is important especially consumption of green leafy Veggies such as spinach because this vegetable has a lot of fiber and antioxidant in it , by doing so it can actually cause your body to burn fat!


#3 – Eat Fiber Before Meals Ans Drink Water -By eat some type of fiber and drink a cup of ice-cold water like an apple or a hadful of almond right before you eat can avoild those annoying cravings and decrease hunger pangs. Try it..it really work 

#4 – Drink Lots Of Water – Drink at least ½ your body-weight in ounces of frest water every day make you feel fuller, to increase your metabolism, to buil muscle tissue more effectively, to flust toxins out of your body, to remove eater weight and stop feeling bloated all the time.

#5 – Think Fat Loss Instead Of Weight Loss In Regards To Food – When it come to nutrition , most people will typically focus more on reducing fats, carbs and calories or that type of dieting is known as “fad dieting” this is will only slow your metabolism down. The best way I recommend and do is eat food in a way that will burn fat fast. To do this

#6- A breakfast with low GI content
Breakfast is one important meal of the day because it is the first hunger fix you will take in a day. Look for cereals that are with Natural Muesli, Porridge, Oat bran and All-bran since these are a good component of a low GI cereal. You can also eat some Whole Wheat for breakfast or any time of the day as your quick fix for your hunger pangs.

#7. Lunch
Wheat Pasta Shapes, New Potatoes, Meat Ravioli, Egg Fettuccini and Brown Rice and many other food items you can eat for lunch, will give you a heavy stomach. If you eat these food items for lunch, you will not feel hungry fast, which is good for your diet. You can mix and match these food items for a tastier food and meal for lunch.

#8- Snacks and Sweet for a quick hunger fix
Snacks and sweet fixes can vary from Corn Chips, Oatmeal Crackers, Peanuts, Milk Chocolate and Nutella. Sponge Cake is also low for a sweet snack.

#9- Fruit Fix
There are a lot of fruits that are low in GI as well, like Cherries, Peach, canned in natural juice, Apples and Pears. You should start bringing these fruits for a quick fix when you get hungry.

#10-Dairy Fix
Even dairy products are available with low GI. A quick drink of Artificially Sweetened Yoghurt, Soy Milk or even Skimmed milk is good for your appetite. If in case you are doing a south beach diet then you must be very aware of the dairy with low GI content.

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