Acne Is A Serious Issue For Teens

As a teen, poor skin makes you feel absolutely terrible and miserable. It leads to low self-esteem. You think that people are looking at you funny because your skin is covered with various spots and marks. It just isn’t fair.

Teen and Acne

acne causes you to internalize negative feelings. On the top of the obvious external problem, your relatives, friends, family and parents don’t understand that acne makes you feel dirty and greasy. It seems like your problem are the result of your skin problems. I remember this too and I once felt ugly and alone because of acne.

Poor skin gives you anxiety. It fills you with shame. If you’re really teen, you know exactly what I’m taking about. Acne is serious for teens exactly because it makes people angry, frustrated and depresses.

Finally, consider that really bad acne can cause scars. These scars are often permanent and can cause long term self-esteem issues. So, prevention is really important. And obviously, it is easier to prevent acne than it is to deal with scars after the fact.

Why is It Important to Take Care of Acne?

Acne really isn’t your fault. You don’t deserve it and you can get rid of it. You can prevent it. That’s the good news. It is important to prevent acne for a few reasons. Like it or not, better skin will help you interact with other people. This is because you feel better about yourself. So, it has less to do with how you look and more about how you feel. That’s definitely the key.

When you feel better about yourself you will have better social relationships. You’ll have an easier time attracting other people. Also, importantly, you’ll be healthy in other areas of your life. There is a spillover effect. Vibrant skin with a healthy glow will make you feel more sexy, plain and simple. You also do not have to worry about spending money with treatments month after month if your skin is healthy.

Fortunately, there are healthy and low cost ways to prevent acne. For teenagers, this is obviously important. Freedom from the pain and sores is worth almost any price, but having some extra money is certainly nice as well.

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