Q. What do Brad Pitt, Madhuri Dixit and your latest crush have in common?
A. A big, white smile that can brighten the dullest of days!
A genuine smile that reveals shiny, white teeth is truly an asset worth coveting. Unfortunately, many of us reduce the impact of our smiles by staining our naturally white teeth.
Most of us think that poor oral hygiene is the cause behind not-so-appealing yellow teeth. Dentists do agree that it is a contributing factor. However, it is not the only factor. There are instances when even well maintained teeth become discoloured over a period of time. In fact, a great way to avoid surface staining of teeth and unleashing that spectacular smile would be to use Colgate Total Advanced Whitening Toothpaste. Team Colgate’s sole purpose is to work towards keeping your pearly whites gleaming all the time. Read on to learn more.

Causes of teeth staining

Tobacco: Apart from causing serious health problems, tobacco and tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars are one of the chief causes of stained yellow teeth.
Certain food and beverages: An array of foods and beverages can lead to discolouration of your teeth. These include coffee, black tea, berries, colas, red fruit juices, curries, soy sauce and acidic foods.
Fluorosis: As a child, if you consumed water with high levels of fluoride in it, there are possibilities that you may develop stains on your teeth, which in turn can lead to fluorosis.
Grinding habits: Some people have the habit of grinding their teeth which leads to a severe abrasion on the edges of the teeth. This habit can make your teeth look yellow.
Enamel Hypoplasia: This is a condition which occurs as a result of having less enamel than normal. The tooth enamel starts looking chalky and the reason could be a systemic disease like rickets.
Old age: Studies have proven that the colour of your teeth ages as you do. This is not a condition to worry about and it need not necessarily be because of poor oral hygiene.

Visiting the dentist for teeth whitening

You’ll know it’s time to visit the dentist when the girls/boys are not sighing in unison when you flash that brilliant smile. On a serious note, a research conducted by the scientists of King’s College, London, revealed that people with stained, rotten teeth were considered as less popular and less clever when compared to those with white teeth who were rated as attractive and successful.
Now that you’ve decided to visit a dentist here are a few things to keep in mind:
• If you have sensitive teeth, inform your dentist about the condition well in advance as your teeth will be sensitive once you undergo the whitening treatment.
• If you have fairly bright teeth, you might not notice a great difference after the treatment. If your dentist holds a shade card next to your teeth and warns you that there might not be a dramatic difference, take his advice and save yourself a few the bucks!
• If your mouth is already a dental workshop with crowns, implants and fillings, the treatment is a waste. Only natural teeth will ‘change colour’ following a whitening treatment.
• Last bit of advice – all these products used during the whitening treatment taste awful, so be prepared. As long as you get back your irresistible smile, you should be happy!
So, it is time to look into the mirror and flash a smile under fairly bright light. If you find your teeth discoloured, it’s time to meet your dentist.
Last but not the least, brush your teeth with Total Advanced Whitening to keep your pearls white and gleaming!
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