Body Composition Analysis – Helps You Lose Weight and Keep Fit

Numbers shown on a traditional weight don’t tell us all about our condition. Therefore, instead of every day fantasy weighing us do more body composition analysis.

What is the study of the composition of the body?

Two people of the same height and with a very similar body structure do not necessarily weigh the same. I’m probably not weighing. One consists of different substances and for each letter in their proportions is somewhat different. It all depends on gender, age, physical condition, type of activity practiced, lifestyle and diet running. For example, active person taking care of the figure and applying a diet may weigh more than one as bodybuilding that does not practice sports and there is no fixed menu. It does not mean we have to weigh less stop motion and eat randomly. But rather that they do not look at each other through prism kg and BMI, which in most cases is not as reliable as we think. To achieve greater accuracy in determining the structure of the body and its condition, we developed a test called a body composition analysis.

Body composition analysis will carry on some dietary guidance, and in some sports clubs. Or almost anywhere where a professional analyzer is available. This device allows you to determine to what extent we are made of adipose tissue and what percentage is in our muscle mass, or muscle, water and bone. Such a distinction is possible by means of electrical pulses – during the test, the electrodes are tightened to produce a low intensity current. The current easy pass through lean mass upon contact with adipose tissue encounters significant resistance (fat has little water, the pulses pass through it with difficulty). Thus, this method is called BIA (bioimpedance).

Obesity hidden

Research bioimpedance method allows us to analyze the so-called. “Obesity hidden.” This is a condition where the body contains too much fat, but we have the right BMI. Then we can be satisfied with their weight, totally unaware that we risk type II diabetes, atherosclerosis, excessive fatness internal organs, hypertension etc. By studying the composition of the body, we learn so much fat should get rid of in order to improve The condition of the body. It will help us put together a proper diet and choose the kind of exercise that the proportion of fat relative to the muscles has changed positively.

BIA Professional Analyzers allow you to determine the amount of fat in specific areas of the body. They also tell us about the contents of the body of water, and even minerals. The analysis result is the basis for this precisely to calculate PPM or basal metabolism. Based on a nutrition expert, the maximum number of calories per day is that we have a supply to lose. For physically active people, with a satisfactory result, it calculates a total metabolism, which is the amount of calories needed and sufficient to maintain the current state.

Before the test

Research The BIA method is painless and completely comfortable, but before execution should be empty, wait two hours after the last meal, do not exercise and do not consume fluids. Before entering the analyzer, we need to get rid of jewelry and accessories, and the largest part of the clothes. In women during menstruation the result of the analysis may not be reliable because it is not worth it then make the measurement. The study is available to pregnant women.

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