Braces And Dental Health – Dos And Don’Ts

That metallic smile you’ve been sporting will morph into a dazzling one, as soon as your braces are off. Meanwhile, you need to take extra care of your teeth to make sure they stay healthy and shiny! At Colgate, we’re here to provide you with the tips and support you need to make sure your orthodontic treatment (the technical name for braces) is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Dental health tips for those who wear braces – Dos

  • Dr Ritu Jacob, a Bangalore-based orthodontist, advises her patients to brush at least three times a day, especially after meals. In fact, Colgate has a special interdental toothbrush made specifically for those with braces.
  • She also emphasises on the importance of flossing to keep food particles from getting stuck between the teeth.
  • Another tip to keep your mouth free of cavities is to use a fluoride mouthwash or a toothpaste like Colgate Total that contains fluoride.
  • Some braces-wearers might develop ulcers or traumatic irritation in the initial stage of the treatment. In this case, Dr Neha Sarda, a dentist from Bangalore, recommends applying an anaesthetic gel or wax on the braces for a while. If the irritation is too much, you could also use moist cotton for temporary relief.
  • Remember, your treatment is not over as soon as your braces come off. If you’ve been given retainers, remember to wear them regularly and take a good care of them.
  • Whatever happens, remember to keep your appointment with your dentist!

Dental health tips for those who wear braces – Don’ts

  • Dr Jacob is very particular about the type of food her patients should stay away from during their orthodontic treatment. Foods to avoid include sticky foods like chewing gum, sticky candy, corn on the cob, mozzarella cheese and popcorn.
  • Also avoid hard foods like ice cubes, as they might dislodge the braces.
  • All you lovers of colas will have to go without them through your treatment, as carbonated drinks are a strict no-no for braces-wearers.
  • As far as possible, don’t bite into food with your front teeth as this might lead to de-bonding of the braces.
  • Don’t play around with your braces. You don’t want an accident to happen.

Wearing braces may seem cumbersome, but with technology improvement in the field of orthodontics, you can have a safe and effective treatment. You could choose ceramic braces that are not as jarring to look at as all metal ones. And improved bonding material also helps in enhancing the overall experience for patients. Do you wear braces? We’d love to hear from you with tips for a comfortable orthodontic treatment.


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