How are your teeth supported?

Here are the tissues that make up the supporting structure of a tooth: Gums (Gingiva) The gum (gingiva) is the pink-coloured soft tissue that covers the jaw bones and is visible in the mouth. It is firm and resilient with a textured surface. It forms a protective covering for the bone and the cementum (outer […]

Recipe to Make a Spinach Green Smoothie

It’s January again, so it’s time for good intentions. My good intention is to eat more fruit/vegetables this year. I prefer to get my vitamins with a nice smoothie. In this article, I will show you how to make a delicious green smoothie. Personally, this is one of my favorites, and he is also healthy. In this article, I also […]

DIY Face Mask With Avocado

In this DIY I will show you. How you can make a nice face mask with avocado, honey and lemon. This is 100% natural product that you often already have in your kitchen cupboard!. This mask is easy to make and you probably don’t have to go to the supermarket for it! Are you in? Necessities: 1 avocado […]

The Meaning of Outdoor Activities

In recent years, more and more people take into outdoor sports, a fashion movement slowly forming. Outdoor sports including cycling, hiking, hand climbing, camping, orienteering, rappelling, river trekking and so on. this return to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life is to improve people’s living standards after the unstoppable, looking happy […]

Howie Bartz

HOWIE BARTZ, THE FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF MEDITECH, IS A NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED AUTHORITY ON ANCILLARY PHYSICIAN PROGRAMS. Mr. Bartz began his career as a Physical Therapist with a specialty in spinal orthopedics. Through his clinical experience he saw a need for physical therapy treatments that would be more effective for home use such as TENS, […]

18 Ways To Start Your Year Right

To enable you to begin your new year with a blast, I checked in with 27 of my enrolled dietitian associates to get their best out-of-the-case tips for adhering to a good diet. Here is their recommendation on how to make 2019 your most advantageous year yet. Indication: there are no weight control plans included, […]