How To Brush Your Teeth

The Ultimate Brushing Routine An unknown author had said, “You don’t have to brush all your teeth – just the ones you want to keep.” He obviously had oral hygiene on top of his list of priorities. This also means, world over, people believe that brushing one’s teeth is the mantra to keeping them intact for as […]

Flossing Between Your Teeth

In the last post, we discussed how to brush, In this post we will discuss more about flossing. The Ultimate Brushing Routine – Flossing And More Importance of flossing The next most important part of your brushing routine should be flossing between your teeth. And trust us, flossing is a must. There is no escaping flossing […]

Tips To Reduce Your Fear Of The Dentist

You’re on your back, your mouth agape but unable to utter a single word; you feel you may be a little drugged; there’s a bright light being beaming down upon you; as you squint to make out what’s happening, you see a masked figure leaning towards you, holding a tube in one hand and a […]

Are you brushing your teeth right?

Brush all your teeth once a day and you are done. Right? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! Brushing right takes more than just passing your toothbrush bristles all around your teeth in the morning. Most people do not know how to brush or for how long to brush in order to prevent tooth decay […]


You are well-dressed and well-behaved. You are social and good at creating conversation. But people are put off as soon as you open your mouth. Could it be your bad breath? That is the last thing you would want to hear. But not knowing it is worse. Bad breath after you get up in the […]

Gum disease could be bad news for your heart

Gum disease could be terrible news for your heart. When you look in the mirror you may just see your gums bleeding, but your dentist may see risks of heart disease! Studies have demonstrated that individuals with gum malady have a higher hazard for heart disease. What’s the link? Untreated gum disease provides a reservoir […]

Symptoms And Treatment Of Neurosis

The term “anxiety” refers to several different disorders of mental illness. Depending on the type of neurosis, its symptoms may vary widely. Vegetative neurosis is a disorder that arises from being in constant state of stress, nervous tension. As a result, internal organs, most commonly the stomach, begin to function properly. The patient feels frequent stomach upset, ulcers […]

Homemade Solutions For Sunburn

They can be a good alternative to pharmaceutical ointments or creams regenerating – especially when you want to quickly relieve pain. How to treat sunburn at home? In the beginning, remember not to soak burnt skin in cold baths. Do not lubricate the fatty cream or use ice creams. Under the influence of cold skin […]

Home Remedies for Cracked heels

This post is meant for providing few natural remedies for cracked heels. Before getting into the core, we must first know what is meant by ‘Cracked Heels’ or ‘Heel fissures’. Firstly, let me tell you that ‘Cracked Heels’ is not a disease, but a condition. It is a condition when our heels look dry and cracked […]