Home Remedies for Cracked heels

This post is meant for providing few natural remedies for cracked heels. Before getting into the core, we must first know what is meant by ‘Cracked Heels’ or ‘Heel fissures’.

Firstly, let me tell you that ‘Cracked Heels’ is not a disease, but a condition. It is a condition when our heels look dry and cracked (just like cracks occur while breaking an egg!). These cracks may be minor or severe. Deeper the cracks, the more painful it becomes. Hence, it has to be cured at the earliest. However, cracked heels are not hazardous, except that the heels may start bleeding, if the cracks are deeper and proper care is not taken to cure it.

Those who are deficient of Omega-3 fatty acid and Zinc, tend to get cracked heels. Also, the over pressure exerted on the foot pad will make the skin spread out sideways, which causes cracks in the heels. Another major cause of cracked heels is dryness. This condition can be observed in most of the aged people. However, young people who do not take proper care of their feet are also facing the problem.

Cracked heels can be cured by simple home remedies. Nevertheless there are many creams available in the market to cure cracked heels. These creams may or may not be effective to everyone. To me home remedies worked well, especially for cracked heels.

1. The best way to prevent or cure cracked heels is to apply olive oil in the heel before going to bed. After generously applying Olive oil, wear a socks and go to sleep. You will surely find a difference the next morning. Continue this until you get smooth, crack-less feet. If you have just got one or two mild cracks, then do the above treatment for just four days and you will find the difference!

2. The above therapy can be done by substituting Olive oil with castor oil. I have personally used both these therapy and got perfect results. In general, vegetable oils can be used for this. These oils will reduce the dryness of the heels and fix the skin cracks.

3. If the above therapies don’t give desired results, then go for lemon juice therapy. Extract fresh lemon juice and pour it in a tub or container, which would be appropriate for you to soak your legs in the lemon juice. Do this, until you find the difference.

4. Another simple way to reduce or prevent ‘cracked heels’ to keep it clean and maintain your heels periodically or rather daily. This can be done at home by using appropriate cleansing solutions or soaps to clean your feet. Then soak your leg in the mixture of freshly extracted lemon juice and Vaseline.

5. Another conventional home remedies for cracked heels is applying the mixture of glycerin and rosewater on a regular basis.

Above these, proper diet is a major way of curing cracked heels. We shall discuss about it in the next post.

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