Homemade Solutions For Sunburn

They can be a good alternative to pharmaceutical ointments or creams regenerating – especially when you want to quickly relieve pain. How to treat sunburn at home?

In the beginning, remember not to soak burnt skin in cold baths. Do not lubricate the fatty cream or use ice creams. Under the influence of cold skin will be even greater destruction. And cream also irritate him and block the evaporation of heat. Certainly a better solution would be a short summer shower with a gradual lowering of the water temperature. (but not to the extent that was very cold!). It should take about 10-15 minutes.

5 Natural Home Remedies for Sunburns

Relieved symptoms such as pain, burning, or flushing help us products that have natural regenerative properties:

  • Honey, due to the strong antibacterial and anti will support faster healing burns; Apply a small amount to gauze dressings and then apply it to irritated skin.
  • kefir, yogurt or buttermilk gently cool the skin, relieve burning and will support the regeneration processes; but you must remember not to choose products with added sugar,
  • egg white has anti-microbial substances and soothing inflammation; we can prepare a gauze and cooled protein or whisk eggs and brush it irritated skin,
  • Soothing and preventing the formation of bubbles also has potato juice; wrap can be made using mashed potatoes or potato slices, covered with gauze and applied to the surface scalded for half an hour.
  • 30 minute body wrap with slices of cucumber and nourish protect irritated skin, especially on the face.

An effective way to burn can also be a summer bath with a couple of tablespoons of oat flour. Which prevents water loss and supports the skin’s protective barrier. Excellent sedative is aloe vera (accelerating healing) and a mixture of 100 ml of water with a few drops of peppermint oil (an anti-inflammatory affects faster regeneration of the epidermis). In the summer months, when more vulnerable we are to burns. Worth your eyes a kit home first aid in preparations containing allantoin and D-panthenol that do not produce allergic reactions and are well tolerated by the skin.

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