How to diet? The Pierre Dukan Diet

For many years, the most widespread diet was worldwide. Although it is very controversial, the rules still eat a large number of people. What is and what are the pros and cons?

The canvas cure, commonly known as the Pierre Dukan diet, is a set of habits designed to reduce and then maintain the weight obtained. The main purpose is to reduce the daily diet of fats and carbohydrates to increase the intake of food protein.

How to diet?

By Dr. Dukan slimming treatment consists of four phases – by author diet, only their absolute adherence to us visible and lasting results. Diet plan is as follows:

• Phase I (shock) – lasts from a few to several days (depending on how much weight you want to lose). During its lifetime, we can eat only allowed products – including lean meat, sausages, eggs, fish, dairy products.

• Phase II (alternating between) – continues to the point where we achieve the intended weight. Includes two different menus – from the first stage and the same diet – varied acceptable vegetables. Still banned many products, such as bread, candy or alcohol.

• Phase III (consolidation) – the length depends on the pounds decreased: for every kg 10 days decreases. The menu is varied from the previous phase of vegetables enriched with a certain amount of whole grain bread, pasta or some fruit.

• Phase IV (stabilization) – by definition it can be used for a lifetime. It is allowed for most products, except those containing simple sugars. Besides with one day every week the rules in the shock phase.

Pro and con

Like any popular diet and weight loss program, Dukan has his followers and opponents. Supporters tout it as effects that do not give them any other diet. With such severe conditions, it is not difficult to achieve visible results and that after a few days of use. Lovers of dietary protein products also praise that it is very varied – there is no pre-agreed diet and allowed products to be consumed in the quantities and combinations.

Not all, however, recognized protein in the diet only positive. We talk a lot about the possible side effects of the treatment, which, especially in the early stages, are very restrictive and do not provide the body with the necessary amounts of carbohydrates and fat. For negative changes in the body that may arise as a result of diet, include: hormonal disorders, body acidification, liver and kidney damage or vitamin deficiency.

The best solution is to consult your doctor who will tell us whether the diet is appropriate for our body. The cheerful for the beautiful silhouette, because you cannot forget about your health, which much harder to care for, rather than dreaming weight.

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