How to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

A healthy body produces so-called endogenous cholesterol necessary for the proper functioning of the amounts. Everything we deliver in excess. The so-called bad cholesterol exogenous, which is the cause of many serious diseases – especially heart and circulatory diseases.

Once, when eating meat is not eaten so often, high cholesterol, was not a common problem as it is now. Today we find this phenomenon even in children. The fastest and most effective. Yet natural, method of getting rid of harmful ballast, eliminating all that causes an increase in cholesterol levels, or foods of animal origin, meat, eggs, animal fats, offal, dairy products. Some of the nutritionists believe that the proper diet consists in complete removal of the diet, including fish. Because the content of cholesterol in each meat and thus also the fish is essentially the same. Other, less radical, suggest changing red meat or pork to fish or poultry. In any case, crucial in this case is a change of diet.

The basis of the new diet should be fruits and vegetables, or foods rich in fiber. Significant may also be weight loss and therefore eat fewer calories than before. It is important, at the same time physical activity, in any form – just to move more. Finally, of course, cessation of substances – particularly affected by smoking – and how to avoid excess stress should be avoided.

All these methods together must have a positive outcome. However, if you have problems with cholesterol genetic or very advanced character, you need to turn to drugs.

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