Howie Bartz


Mr. Bartz began his career as a Physical Therapist with a specialty in spinal orthopedics. Through his clinical experience he saw a need for physical therapy treatments that would be more effective for home use such as TENS, muscle stimulation and traction. Bartz found that these products worked in perfect conjunction in the field of interventional pain management as conservative treatment options for spinal diseases.

In 2007, Mr. Bartz founded Meditech with the vision of providing quality medical products packaged with superior clinical support. The business model created is unique in that it creates a turn-key program for physician practices that not only benefits the care of patients but can be a significant source of revenue generation for the practice.

Meditech has also added other physician ancillary programs to its products and services which including Compound Pharmaceuticals, Genetic (DNA) testing, Urinalysis, Physical Therapy and Medical Billing.

Howie Bartz on Meditech:

Q: Why did you create Meditech?

Howie Bartz: I founded Meditech in 2007 with the goal of providing quality medical products and services to patients. It was culmination of many years of work as a physical therapist during my interactions with patients. Through my physical therapy practice, I saw the need in the market for a medical provider like Meditech to provide quality medical products packaged with superior clinical support.

Q: How does Meditech change the industry?

Howie Bartz: First and foremost, Meditech fulfills a gap in setting the standard for quality care and service. Many medical device and product companies simply supply products without educating their patients and customizing products. Our braces and products were designed by a physical therapist and we are proud to point out that while the industry average of Medicare claim denials is above 85% our denial rates are consistently below 10%.  We are constantly striving for excellence and pay close attention to Medicare and other payer requirements.

Q: What other products does Meditech offer besides braces?

Howie Bartz: Since our founding, we’re always looking to improve upon our existing product lines and expand our offerings wherever it makes sense. One area we’ve focused on is compounding pharmaceuticals. These are topical pain creams that don’t have the side effects commonly associated with their of oral counterparts and without the addictive properties of opiate-based pain remedies. Our compounding pharmaceuticals are applied directly to the area give our patients a safer way to manage pain and inflammation. Instead of taking several pills with multiple side effects this is integrated into one cream.

Q: Have you done any outcome studies on your products?

Howie Bartz: Absolutely, I am a firm believer in outcome studies.  They give us measurable data and direct feedback on how our patients are responding to our products.  Our most recent study showed that  96% of patients reported pain relief and 89% of patients reported an increase in activity level when using our BBS Lumbar support.  When we see results like that, we’re extremely pleased and know we’re on the right track in the products we are developing.

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