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How to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

A healthy body produces so-called endogenous cholesterol necessary for the proper functioning of the amounts. Everything we deliver in excess. The so-called bad cholesterol exogenous, which is the cause of many serious diseases – especially heart and circulatory diseases. Once, when eating meat is not eaten so often, high cholesterol, was not a common problem as […]

Avocado – Superfoods Part 1

In this 10-part series, 10 self-selected superfoods are central. Vegetables or fruit that is packed with vitamins, minerals and other good components. In this article we look at the avocado. The basic ingredient of guacamole but also delicious in salads or in a smoothie. Avocado is also widely used in beauty products for hair and skin. Avocado healthy? The […]

Recipe to Make a Spinach Green Smoothie

It’s January again, so it’s time for good intentions. My good intention is to eat more fruit/vegetables this year. I prefer to get my vitamins with a nice smoothie. In this article, I will show you how to make a delicious green smoothie. Personally, this is one of my favorites, and he is also healthy. In this article, I also […]

Everything About Brewer’s Yeast Tablets

In recent years, the use of brewer’s yeast as a dietary supplement has become increasingly popular. For years I have been taking brewer’s yeast tablets for my impure skin / acne. In this article I describe what is in brewer’s yeast and what it does for your body. And I share my experiences with you. What’s in brewer’s […]

DIY Face Mask With Avocado

In this DIY I will show you. How you can make a nice face mask with avocado, honey and lemon. This is 100% natural product that you often already have in your kitchen cupboard!. This mask is easy to make and you probably don’t have to go to the supermarket for it! Are you in? Necessities: 1 avocado […]

Make Your Own Vitamin Water

You have probably heard of it before, vitamin water or  infused water . Now you can of course buy this in the supermarket, but the question is whether this ‘water’ is really good for you. Fortunately, you can easily make vitamin water yourself. In this article we show you how to do this and show two examples, one vitamin water recipe with […]

Homemade Solutions For Sunburn

They can be a good alternative to pharmaceutical ointments or creams regenerating – especially when you want to quickly relieve pain. How to treat sunburn at home? In the beginning, remember not to soak burnt skin in cold baths. Do not lubricate the fatty cream or use ice creams. Under the influence of cold skin […]

How To Strengthen The Body’s Resilience?

Daily stress, fast pace of life, sedentary work. All these factors effectively reduce the resistance of the body. What can we do to strengthen immunity? Often a cold one? Or still suffering the same? Tired of yourself climbing stairs and suffering from insomnia? Surely you are immunocompromised. Meet our advice that will help you improve […]

The Most Common Causes Of Headaches

Headache is one of the most common ailments. Its causes can be many, ranging from a simple lack of sleep and ending with aneurysms and other serious diseases. Headache – Which of us doesn’t feel? Some companions often have another relatively rare. The causes of headaches can be very different. Sometimes associated with other diseases, […]