Recipe to Make a Spinach Green Smoothie

It’s January again, so it’s time for good intentions. My good intention is to eat more fruit/vegetables this year. I prefer to get my vitamins with a nice smoothie. In this article, I will show you how to make a delicious green smoothie. Personally, this is one of my favorites, and he is also healthy. In this article, I also tell you what this green smoothie does for your body.

What does this green smoothie do for your body?

Drinking a green smoothie is very healthy. It is an easy and delicious way to get your recommended amount of fruit and vegetables. The green smoothie is currently very popular to use as a detox agent. Drinking a green smoothie daily would make you feel more energetic and fitter. It is claimed that it has many positive effects on your body, namely: sleeping better, improving your skin condition, fat loss, reduced allergic reactions, positive effect on acne, less sweating, etc. leafy vegetable. This is a vegetable that is eaten too little by many people. While leafy vegetables do a lot of positive things for your body. Leafy vegetables contain proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, fibers and minerals. 

Why eat leaf spinach? Leaf spinach is packed with vitamins and minerals. Spinach contains high percentage of vitamins B2 / B3 / B6 and C. In addition, it contains high values ​​of manganese, selenium, zinc, iron etc. These are high values ​​in comparison with other vegetables. There are many antioxidants in spinach that strengthen the immune system, have a positive effect against atherosclerosis and cancer. In addition, it is good for bone build-up.


– Blender (I used a mini blender, 500ML of the Action) 
– low-fat yogurt 
– 2 mandarins 
– Spinach leaf 
– Cucumber 
– Mint leaves

How do you make this smoothie?

Making this smoothie is fairly easy. In this recipe, I use a small 500 ml blender. If you want to make more than one glass, double the amount I add. Pour 100ml low-fat yogurt into the blender. Add two mandarins to this. Blend this until the tangerines are completely crushed. Make sure there are no longer large pieces in the mixture. Add a hand of spinach. Blend this until the mixture no longer contains any pieces. Add another hand of spinach. And blend this with the whole. Now add a few pieces of cucumber. And then blend again .. Finally, add two sprigs of fresh mint to the mixture. Blend the whole thing until you no longer see any pieces. And your green smoothie is ready!

 And then clean the blender ..

Finally, a small tip for cleaning your blender. Rinse the mixing cup under the tap. Put a few small drops of washing-up liquid in the cup and half fill it with warm water. Place the cup on the blender again and let it run for a while until the detergent starts to foam. Remove the cup from the blender and let it soak. This way it is very quick and easy to clean! Beware that no water enters the blender’s motor!

Cheers, a delicious healthy smoothie. It is easy to make and also super healthy! Do you ever drink a green smoothie? Another smoothie recipe? Let us know in the comments!

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