Running More Harm Morning Fasting

People after sleeping, physical restoration. But there are still some people physiological sense of suppressed state. Exercise in the morning, help nervous excitement, vigor, promote metabolism, keep plenty of mental and physical investment in a day’s work of good.

Treadmill exercise general arrangements best in the morning, followed by the right and left about 9:00 and 17:00. Middle-aged as a result, the general arrangements for exercise in the morning, one does not conflict with the work; second morning running fresh air, fresh air is good for the respiratory system.

Many people have the habit of morning exercise, while jogging is the best way to morning walk. Most people just like to run in the morning fasting. Fasting running is to know a lot of harm, in the morning or the first drink of water before morning walk as well.

Although many people know that fasting running is not good. But most of all do not pay attention to this movement. Health experts believe that fasting running. Fasting movement great harm to human body. Therefore, we need energy to maintain normal movement, and we people get energy from food which is mainly. If the fasting jogging motion, so to maintain the movement of energy can only rely on the consumption of fat.

This is also one of the reasons people often recommend losing weight through exercise while. In addition, fasting exercise can cause blood were significantly increased free fatty acids. If an excessive amount of free fatty acids, then there will be damage to the heart muscle, “poison”, the “poison” is often cause people to an irregular heart rhythm, or even sudden death situation.

Good morning to drink water, but not drinking before the morning run

When getting up every morning to drink a glass of water is conducive to good health. But if you want to run, then it should be in the water after 20 minutes and then jogging. Fasting long run may result in a “stitch” and stomach and other diseases.

If you have the habit of jogging in the morning, you should drink 20 to 30 minutes in advance, but should not drink excess water. Morning drinking water can ease the situation last night and regulate body fluid concentration, so as to achieve equilibrium; and are conducive to the accumulation of metabolites excreted in time one night.

Running after the end of 15-minute break, should be properly rehydrate, the best is the right amount of salt intake is more conducive to health.

Before running in the morning should not eat too much

Although fasting morning jogging is bad, but not suitable to eat before running his own belly full. Eating too much, and then the movement of stomach damage is very large, before exercise should first drink a glass of milk, and with some eggs, whole grains, pastries most appropriate.

Finally, I remind the morning fasting running is not the right approach, fasting lot of running on the human body harm. Therefore, we have morning jogging habits should pay more attention to this issue. Before running proper food, after running appropriate hydration for the body most conducive to health.

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