Tonsil and Adenoid Removal

On the one hand, playing an important role in our immune system, on the other hand, their infections are the cause of many diseases. Need to be cut?

Tonsil and adenoid clusters of lymph tissue located at the beginning of the respiratory and digestive system. Due to the location, an important immune function that produces antigens for the production of antibodies plays a defense against the microbial attack.

Although their role decreases with age of adults and adolescents and can be eliminated without immunodeficiency (adenoid itself disappears spontaneously with age). But it is children before puberty, their function is not underestimated.

Tonsils Grow, The Problem Comes When

And so, the young patients are most likely to succumb to various infections. Then tonsils grow, which is a natural manifestation, due to the increased production of antibodies. The problem comes when, after recovering from their size, do not return to normal.

There are problems sinking food. Furthermore, hypertrophied adenoid can prevent breathing through the nose and clogged portion of the eustachian tube. Its insufficient ventilation causes accumulation of fluid, which can result in loss of hearing or inflammation of the middle ear. A common symptom of such overgrowth also snoring – as it can lead to apnea and lung changes, tonsil removal is necessary.

Even while maintaining its normal size tonsil can cause inflammation. So they are porous and no longer protect the body, and even the risk that gaps accumulate in the gaps in the bloodstream. Except for swallowing and frequent repetition of angina can develop sinusitis and larynx.

Complications to angina are another serious problem associated with abscess formation around migdałkowego – filled with pus around the tumor tongue, neck, causing severe pain and trismus. After cleaning abscess incision and (sometimes several times) the tonsils should be removed.


If your doctor does not detect inflammation, it is enough to undercut. Complete removal has not been done ever since prophylactic. The procedure itself is relatively simple to remove and runs under total anesthesia.

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