What Happens If You Don’t Eat Sugar For 30 Days

For most people, without realizing it, you get too much sugar every day through your diet. You think you’re doing well with your diet, the calories still accumulate. It is no secret that sugar and especially added sugars in our diet can lead to serious health problems.

Every Day You Consume More Sugar Than You Think

Blogger Matt D’Avella saw his belly increase while he thought he was living reasonably healthily. He put the sum to the test and did a 30-day sugar-free challenge and was pleasantly surprised. 

What Does Too Much Sugar Do To Your Body?

Too much sugar has a negative influence on your metabolism which can lead to type 2 diabetes, it increases the risk of liver or kidney damage, can cause skin irritations or inflammations such as joint pain, but also tooth decay and even lead to erection problems.

And last but not least, sugar is also addictive because it always gives your brain a reward boost. Which means that you always feel the need to snack. Enough reasons to see what happens if you don’t take sugar for 30 days.

The Big Effects Of 30 Days Of No Sugar According To Matt D´avella

Check out this interesting video from Matt D ‘Avella (about 10 minutes) about his’ no sugar challenge’ and discover what it did for him. And who knows, it might inspire you to give the 30-day challenge a try.

Video Via YouTube Matt D’Avella


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